NASA TV Show: The Leading Edge

By | 2011/03/16

I’ll be on NASA TV on March 23, 2011 for the Leading Edge TV Show at 11 am ET.  You can watch on NASA TV or for a streamed broadcast.  We will also be doing a NASA Chat later that day.

NASA Chat, Mar 23, 2pm ET

When an airplane flies, hundreds of data streams fly from it every second — pilot reports, incident reports, control positions, instrument positions, warning modes. But there’s so much data, it’s been nearly impossible for airlines to do anything other than look back for the cause of something that’s already happened. Data mining is the art of digging through mountains of data when you don’t know what you’re looking for or what you might find. Popular search engines like Google™ do this every second. NASA is mining terabytes of aviation data to find issues before they become incidents. Ashok Srivastava will talk to us about what computer tools NASA is building to do the digging.

Jeff Hamlett will talk about how Southwest Airlines is already using data mining “gold” to update their flight operations.

  • How is NASA figuring out how to find the needle in a haystack when we don’t know what either looks like?
  • What’s an “algorithm”? What’s an “anomaly”? What’s a “precursor” and why do data miners use those words all the time?
  • What has Southwest changed in its practices thanks to data mining?
  • How is our data mining different from Google’s or Amazon’s? How is it the same?

Join the chat on Mar 23, a few minutes before 2 pm ET at: